The Start of Something New

Hello, world!

My name’s Megan, and I love food, fitness, and saving money. I’m starting this healthy living blog mostly to keep myself on track while my husband’s away at boot camp, but I also want to share my knowledge about being healthy on a budget with all of you!



I woke up wanting something warm (and delicious!) today, and debated for a while whether to make oatmeal or a breakfast sandwich. Guess which one won!



In the sandwich:

A whole-wheat english muffin (toasted in the oven)

*If you toast the muffin without taking it apart first, the insides get really fluffy!


A veggie sausage patty


One egg, and a squirt of ketchup

And I had a small bowl of strawberries on the side

(Food Town had a 2 lb container for $2 yesterday!)


Yesterday I tried to make peanut butter flavored coffee, but it turned out tasting like burnt coffee with a slight nutty flavor. Fail!

(I mixed a spoonful of peanut butter in with coffee grounds and a splash of hot water in the french press, then I added the rest of the water and brewed the coffee normally).


I had some leftover burnt coffee in the fridge, so I made it into an iced coffee with a splash of vanilla flavored almond milk in my favorite Starbucks cup!

I probably should have just made a new cup of coffee, but I hate wasting food Sad smile 


I’m off to make a new gym playlist for my ipod. It’s been probably over a month since I’ve been the gym, since my  husband and I have been training together at home for boot camp…

Charlie weights

Our cat Charlie has been working out with us too!

Question of the Day: Have you ever tried to make a funky flavor of coffee at home?


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