Exercise Motivation

A few hours after enjoying my Overnight Cookie Dough Oatmeal, I was hungry again…so I created this!


It was originally supposed to be a variation of Tina’s Two Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancake, but I had the brilliant idea to add a chopped apple and the whole thing fell apart!


It started out looking pretty much like a pancake…but I got excited and flipped it too soon Sad smile 

The end result was still pretty delicious, and next time I’ll know to wait longer before flipping (and perhaps add an extra egg to the mix?)

The group yoga class  napping on the couch was great! Yep, I fell asleep while reading the 3rd Hunger Games book and woke up way too late to get to the gym in time. Bummer!

I was feeling pretty drowsy after waking up, but wanted to get some exercise before making lunch. Sooooo, I did a 30 min. Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown video. I really like this workout, because it incorporates stretching, muscle toning, and it doesn’t make me too sweaty I don’t need to shower afterwards Smile 

Exercise always leaves me feeling more energized, and I’m really glad that I got my butt off the couch to do a quick video.



I daydreamed about this salad throughout the entire yoga video (my stomach was starting to rumble!)


Baby spinach, grilled chicken, sliced strawberries, honey roasted almonds, and Newman’s Own Lite Cranberry Walnut dressing. Yum!


I also had a cup of green tea, string cheese, and a Trader Joe’s cocoa truffle. A perfect lunch!


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