Charlie Says Hi!

007 (2)

Oh. my. gosh. He is ridiculous!

Here’s another great one from a few months ago:

Charlie and Artie

Today’s Workout:

30 min. on the elliptical (alternating 30 sec. fast, 30 sec. slow) – PHEW my legs were burning!

Weights & abs


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Broccoli, leftover chickpeas, and sunflower seeds. Yum! This was pretty filling, but before I assembled it I did some prep work for dessert (I always have room for dessert!).

012 (2)

A frozen banana coated with greek yogurt (mixed with cinnamon) and chopped up cocoa roast almonds. I’ve had the recipe saved on Pinterest for a while, and am SO SO SO glad I tried it out. Yum. Yum. Yum. If it wasn’t so filling, I would totally be making another one right now. It was that good.

Next time (probably tomorrow!) I’m going to use chocolate greek yogurt instead of plain…and look around the house for something different to put in the banana (I used a chopstick, and it kind of cracked the banana).

015 (2)

Hahaha! Massive fail on evenly coating the banana. Oh well!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Smile


One thought on “Charlie Says Hi!

  1. […] you’d better believe I made another greek yogurt & almond covered frozen banana for dessert! I tried it with chocolate greek yogurt today, and it was pretty fantastic. Next time I […]

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