Beating Exercise Boredom

Happy Monday!

I woke up bright and early today with a rumbling stomach – breakfast was definitely #1 on my to-do list!


There was a bag of baby spinach in the fridge just waiting to be eaten, so I decided to make a scrambled egg & veggie sausage concoction with it…

001 (2)

Morningstar makes really tasty veggie sausage products Smile Their maple patties are perfect in a mock egg mcmuffin…. too bad they’re pretty expensive (I hope they go on sale soon!)

002 (3)

On the plate:

2 veggie sausage links

3 eggs (1 whole & 2 whites)

1/3 bag baby spinach (about 3 cups?)

Seasoned with fresh chopped garlic, garlic powder, italian seasoning, and pepper

*I enjoyed a bowl of strawberries & coffee too Smile

The verdict: Yuck. This was the first time I attempted an egg dish with baby spinach, and I’m not sure if I will again. I ate about half of it, and then picked out the rest of the spinach. Usually I’m a huge fan of spinach! Just a few days ago I had a serving of cooked spinach with salmon…and it was delicious! Perhaps I just don’t like it with eggs? Hmmmm. This requires further investigation!

*I also put way too much pepper on everything. Good thing I had those strawberries to add a pop of sweetness when my mouth was on fire!

Last night’s dinner: Pictures coming your way this afternoon….I’m having leftovers for lunch! Yum, I love leftovers!

Weekly Workout Schedule:

This morning I decided to try something different this week, and go to a group workout class at the gym every day.

Reason #1: It’s really good to challenge your body/expose it to new exercises

Reason #2: I love people watching (and group exercise definitely makes me work out harder!)

Reason #3: There are a gazillion gyms in the chain I belong to within a few miles of our house, but I’ve only gone to one of them! I looked at the 3 closest ones’ class schedules this morning, and discovered that there are different classes at each gym – who woulda thunk!

Here’s my plan:

Monday: Step N’ Sculpt

Tuesday: TurboKick (this is the only class I’ve ever gone to more than once at the gym….it’s SO good)

Wednesday: BodyPump

Thursday: TurboKick OR Yoga (depending on how sore I am from BodyPump Smile)

Friday: Zumba OR BodyPump (depending on soreness level). I did try Zumba once, but felt ridiculous because it seemed like everyone else was rockin’ the dance moves and I was tripping over my feet! I’m going to give it another try though, because I’ve been hearing such good things about it.

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: PIYO Strength

I’m hoping to fall in love with at least a few of these classes…but if I don’t, there are even more that I can try out next week!

Question of the Day:

How do you beat exercise boredom?


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