Mail Surprises (You Can Get Them Too!!!)

I’m so excited to talk about getting freebies in the mail, but first…a recap of my first (and last) Step N’ Sculpt class Rolling on the floor laughing

It was a DISASTER!!!! Oh. my. gosh. I thought it would be fun, because I love walking/running up and down stairs. No no no, this was nothing like that! There was some normal stepping (which I ended up doing for the last 10 minutes by myself), and then there was a lot way too much walking on, around, dancing, shuffling, spinning around… I felt absolutely clueless/ridiculous, because I had no clue what was going on! But hey, I made it through the whole class and got a good laugh out of it Just kidding

Although the class was an entire hour, I didn’t really work up much of a sweat (if I go again, I’ll definitely add another level of blocks to the stepper thing)…but who knows – I might not be able to walk tomorrow morning! One thing I do know for sure is this: if I try it again, I’m going to a class with a different instructor. Today’s was kind of grouchy, and not motivating at all. Oh well!


003 (2)

Leftovers from dinner with the in-laws! YUMMMMMMMM. Patti (Bud’s mom) makes the best cooked carrots EVER. She cooks them with butter and sugar (which I always eat over there, but rinse them off when eating leftovers to make them a little bit healthier).

Also on the plate:

  • brussel sprouts (sauteed with balsamic vinegar)
  • baked chicken (not sure of the recipe, but I know there was chicken stock & paprika!)
  • leftover chickpeas

A tasty, tasty lunch!

And you’d better believe I made another greek yogurt & almond covered frozen banana for dessert! I tried it with chocolate greek yogurt today, and it was pretty fantastic. Next time I might add cinnamon to the chocolate yogurt…it was missing a little something today.


The chopstick didn’t crack my banana today!

010 (2)

011 (3)

So good. And, the perfect summertime treat! (Yes, it still feels like summer in Texas…)

012 (3)

It didn’t get stuck to the parchment paper, but check out the bottom!

Now, for the freebie fun!

This came for me in the mail today!

006 (3)

It wasn’t a huge surprise, because Kashi emailed me a few weeks ago saying it was on it’s way…but still….I LOVE getting mail and this made me so happy!

007 (3)

And it came with a coupon! Score!

Kashi sends me free samples of their products every few months, just for being on their email/mailing list… I Red heartKashi!

You might be thinking: “NO FAIR! I want free samples!”

Well, it’s really pretty easy (and fun!) to get them…

Here’s a list of companies that I’ve gotten free samples/coupons from in the mail, just by signing up for their mailing list. Super easy, and a great way to try out new products!

*There are probably a whole bunch more, but I’m having a brain freeze! For a more complete list, check out Coupon Mom’s list of companies that may mail coupons upon request.

Also check out BzzAgent – it’s a free word-of-mouth program that occasionally sends you a new product to try (usually full size, and with coupons!). I’ve gotten some really great products through this program, including chapstick, mascara, shampoo, and today I got coupons for a few free Glade products!

Question of the Afternoon:

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?


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