BodyPump Bliss

Good Afternoon!

I just got back from my very first BodyPump class a little while ago – WOW – I loved it! Funny story…I got kind of lost going to the gym (even though I had directions written down…), and it turned out that the gym is in the back of our mall’s parking lot. WHAT! I’ve never seen it there before! Even though it’s part of the chain that I belong to, this location has a really different setup inside – I like it way better than the one I’ve been going to for over a year! The group exercise room has a platform that the instructor is on, so you can see them better. Brilliant!

I got there a few minutes early (would’ve been earlier if I didn’t get lost!), and got a chance to ask the instructor for some beginner tips. She was super helpful, and a lady who was in the class helped me out too – I loved how welcoming they were (definitely a way different atmosphere than at my other gym!).

I did the whole class with 5 lbs. on each side of the bar (10 lbs. total). On Friday I’ll definitely increase the weight during parts of the class, but I’m glad I took it easy (well, not too easy!) today because I wanted to make sure I did everything correctly. What a great workout! The squats were killer – tomorrow’s going to be rough, but I want to go to TurboKick so badly!


When I got home, I was famished!

I whipped up a protein shake right away, and drank it while putting together the rest of my lunch.

005 (3)

  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk
  • About 10 ice cubes
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • A handful of frozen mixed berries

006 (4)


Now for the rest of my lunch:

009 (2)

  • Leftover chickpeas in whole wheat pita bread

010 (4)

  • The last of Sunday night’s veggies (baby carrots & brussel sprouts)

I was definitely still lovin’ the carrots, but the brussel sprouts almost got thrown out. They were pretty soggy, but I ate them anyways (say “no” to food waste!)

This afternoon, I’m off to do some reading people watching at the library, and then I’m babysitting Smile

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite thing to eat post-workout?

I usually go for a protein shake or greek yogurt – gotta help build those muscles!


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