Waffle Wednesday (and other fun alliteration ideas!)

Happy Wednesday – I hope your day is going great so far!

Bud and I have been wanting to make each day of the week have a different food theme, but so far the only one we’ve stuck to for a few weeks is Waffle Wednesday!

Other ideas we’ve come up with are:

  • Taco Tuesday
  • Salmon Saturday (or Sunday) (or every day – I love salmon!)
  • Stir fry Saturday (or Sunday)

And for the next two months or so, I’ve come up with Freebie Friday! (This will likely last much longer than two months, but I have a few probably about a dozen coupons for free food at restaurants in the Houston area that I’ve got to use before moving in November!)

Unfortunately, a lot of the free coupons I have are for not-so-healthy items (like Wendy’s frosties)…so I’m going to have to be smart about how many things I get each Friday Smile

*If you like Thumbs upCalifornia Pizza Kitchen’s facebook page, you can get a coupon for a complimentary quinoa & arugula salad!


003 (3)

  • A blueberry nutri-grain waffle topped with peanut butter a huge blob of peanut butter & strawberries

001 (3)

  • Strawberry greek yogurt topped with 1/4 cup leftover granola
  • Pumpkin spice coffee

The strawberries were just about to go bad, so I piled the rest on my waffle….I think I prefer jelly and/or bananas on waffles (too bad those weren’t available today!).

Have a great morning Rolling on the floor laughing

*Snapfish has an amazing deal that ends today:  99 prints for 99 cents (that’s a penny a picture) and free shipping a few dollars for shipping! Just use the promotional code PRINTSFOR99


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