Thundering Thursday

There’s a huge thunderstorm outside right now, and I’m feeling kind of dreary like the weather….

I just took a nap on the couch, and don’t feel like doing a thing!

I did make this after waking up though….it was  pretty tasty!

019 (2)

A cashew butter microwave cookie! I found the recipe on Tina’s blog this morning, and wanted to give it a try.

015 (4)

Bud made some homemade cashew butter a few weeks ago, and I’ve barely eaten any (although the jar looks pretty much empty in this picture). He put raw cashews and walnut oil in the food processor, and tada! I definitely prefer peanut and almond butter, but this is still pretty good Smile


Instead of using the 2 tbsp. liquid egg whites in the recipe, I used the white of one egg.

017 (2)

It came out of the microwave looking kind of like a cake, rather than a cookie. I was surprised, but in a good way!


Yum, so fluffy! Looking a this picture, I know what it’s like now…a pancake!

019 (2)

Yes, I will eat you now!

The verdict: this was SUPER easy to make, and it was tasty. I won’t be making it with cashew butter again though, because I know it will be amazing with peanut and/or almond butter Be right back

Before making this tasty treat, napping, and eating lunch, I went to TurboKick!

Red heart

TurboKick, oh how I love you. Today’s instructor was kind of difficult to understand and I couldn’t see her too well (I was in a weird spot in the room), but she did an awesome stretching/abs routine at the end that I wished would have gone on for another half hour! The cardio part of the class was high energy, but  not nearly as intense as Tuesday’s class (which I think had a lot to do with the instructor – not in a bad way, just a different teaching style). Next week is going to be a new routine – can’t wait!

Reasons Why I Love TurboKick:

  • The music: a mixture of current pop songs and other high tempo ones
  • “TurboTime”: intense cardio intervals every 15 min. or so – these really get my heart rate up!
  • Full body workout: punching, kicking, squating, jumping jacks, you name it – every part of my body is movin’!

Oh man, I would go every day if it was offered!

When I got back, I was ready for lunch!


009 (3)

A pumpkin pie protein smoothie – it almost overflowed!

012 (4)

A tuna fish/chickpea sandwich.

The ingredients:

007 (4)

  • Sesame Ezekiel bread – we got this at Trader Joes a few weeks ago and I just opened it today…I’ve been missing out! This bread is Tasty with a capital “T”
  • And it’s really healthy (all natural, full of fiber & protein…)

008 (4)

For the sandwich insides:

I was originally going to turn the chickpeas into a hummus, but I decided to mix them together with the tuna instead…

010 (5)

It looks gross, but it was really tasty!

013 (2)

And… kind of fell apart. Apparently the bread was too small, and there wasn’t anything with enough moisture to keep the sandwich together.

A lot of people make tuna fish sandwiches with mayonnaise, but it kind of grosses me out Eye rolling smile 

Eating this sandwich was no problem – that’s what forks are for!

I actually ended up taking some of the bread off and eating it by itself – the sesame seed crust was amazing!

And now for exciting news – Glee premieres tonight! Party smileYesterday I watched the last season’s finale, and this morning I watched the season finale of the Glee Project. Ummm, yes, Glee is amazing and I could watch it all day long Smile with tongue out

Have a great night – tomorrow’s Friday!


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