Free Food…Yes, Please!

Happy Friday (again!). I hope you’re having a great day so far Smile 

Body Pump was a blast this morning – I increased my weight from 5 lbs. to 7.5 lbs. on each side of the bar, and I think I can actually go up a little more next time for some of the sets (maybe squats and back). We did the same routine as Wednesday’s class, so I felt a lot more comfortable and was able to push myself harder.

Since the gym is in the back of the mall’s parking lot – Freebie Friday was ready to commence right after class! I planned ahead, and brought the following coupons with me:


Free Small Chili @ Wendys

*I got this from my Houston area Entertainment Book (I’d highly recommend purchasing an Entertainment Book for your area – they have tons of coupons inside, and some are for free products!)

pretzel coupon

Free Pretzel @ PretzelMaker

*I got this from RecycleBank for only 35 points

(RecycleBank is a website that gives you points for learning about recycling through quizzes, games, entering product codes etc… It’s really user-friendly, free, and they often have opportunities to earn hundreds of points in just a few minutes. Their rewards are awesome – lots of food coupons, magazine subscriptions, even some giftcards!)

Check out my loot!


I grabbed a sample of iced tea at Teavana on the way to get lunch – yum!

Teavana makes delicious teas, and I almost always stop in to sample 3 or 4. But, their prices are pretty ridiculous, so I only buy loose tea there when I want to treat myself to something really special. It’s really high quality tea, but I have a hard time justifying paying that much when I can buy cheap tea bags at the grocery store for around 10 cents/serving…


Fuzzy picture (taken from my phone), but guess what’s inside!


Small Wendy’s chili with 1 saltine crumbled on top. I would’ve put more in it, but I decided to do this instead:

chili bread

Yep, dipped my pretzel in the chili! And, the pretzel looks like a dog bone. Hahaha! Dang, that chili was HOT! Not spicy hot, hot hot hot burned my tongue, hot. It still burns!


I did my research ahead of time, and the healthiest pretzel choice was definitely the plain, unsalted one. It was really good – and I usually scrape most of the salt off anyways, so this was definitely not a compromise… they also had a tray of samples on the counter, so I grabbed a cinnamon-sugar nugget. Yum!


And for dessert…..

OH my gosh….sooooo good….

A dark chocolate lava truffle from Godiva. It took me a while to decide which flavor to get, but am really glad I picked this one – it was chocolately, gooey inside, the perfect truffle. And, yes, I got it for FREE!

Godiva has a free rewards program that you can sign up for in-store or on their website. Once you join, you can get one free truffle in-store every month! I signed up online so don’t have a physical rewards card – not a problem- you just tell them your email address!

Overall, a really delicious and mostly healthy lunch. The price was definitely right!

I’m off to do some shopping for the rest of the afternoon – talk to you later Rolling on the floor laughing


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