The Continuation of Freebie Friday…

Hello there!

After writing my lunchtime post, I checked the mail – and got my first letter from Bud! Well, it wasn’t technically a letter…more like a note on the back of the bootcamp graduation paperwork, but it made me so happy Open-mouthed smileand now I finally have his mailing address! Off to the post office I went (after writing a letter and picking out a few pictures to send with it), but first I stopped by Panera to get a free iced tea!

026 (2)

I wrongly assumed that “iced tea” meant it would already be cold, but it wasn’t and I didn’t put nearly enough ice in my cup beforehand! It was still delicious (I got the acai berry unsweetened flavor).


Panera has a somewhat new rewards program (you can sign up for free at any restaurant and check your “surprises” on their website. For your birthday, they give you a free cookie in your ‘surprises” account…I remember Bud and I shared an oatmeal raisin and it was pretty darn tasty Smile 

*I saw that they have a new cranberry turkey panini…it looks absolutely delicious. Yep, I’m definitely going to be trying that out soon within the next week!

After going to the post office, I stopped by Lowe’s to use a coupon I just got in my email. I heard on many deal/coupon websites that Lowe’s was offering a $10/$10 or more purchase for signing up for their email club. Of course, it sounded like an amazing deal, so I signed up for their email club and a day later received the coupon.

I found a pack of sponges, some cleaning wipes, and a pack of gum to bring my total to just over $10…..and when the cashier scanned the coupon, the computer said it had already been used. WHAT?!?! Ugh. She called the manager over, and the lady was talking on the phone and being really rude, and said she’d never seen the coupon before and that I couldn’t use it. I was so annoyed, and walked out of the store. I’m over it now, but I really wanted those sponges (our sink needs a new one desperately). Well, I definitely won’t be going back to that Lowe’s. Ever.

On to happier times…

I went to HEB to get a turkey burger for dinner (pictures to come!), and ended up having my afternoon snack a whole bunch of food samples there too… here’s what I had!

  • guacamole
  • hummus
  • pineapple
  • shredded chicken
  • a mystery dip
  • coffee

They always have samples of their breads by the loaves too, but I didn’t want to fill up too much!

After HEB, I popped over to Randalls (right across the street – so convenient!) to pick up some fruits & veggies for the week. They have a new rewards/coupon program there called Just4U that links up to your shopping card. If you go on their website (or their smartphone app) you can select which coupons and/or personalized deals you want loaded to your shopping card. The ones I used today were:

  • $3 off produce purchase of $10 or more
  • Free Gatorade chews (I’ll be trying these out before my next Body Pump class!)
  • Arm & Hammer cat litter for $6 something

Randalls can have some pretty steep prices on food, but they’ve definitely earned a few points in my book with this new program! They’re also the only grocery store in the area (that I know of) that doubles and triples coupons. Oh, and Recyclebank has a $5 off $50 or more purchase at Randalls coupon for only 50 points (which is really easy to earn!). I use those when I need to stock up on a lot, but typically do not spend $50 at a time at the grocery store. Having Kroger, Target, and Walmart within a few miles of our house has made it really easy to shop for specific foods at certain stores. For example, Walmart usually has the best almond milk prices, Kroger has the best egg prices, and Target has the best store brand products (Archer Farms peanut butter is so good!)


027 (2)

A cranberry-gorgonzola turkey burger from HEB (found in the meat section). This cost me about $3.50, which is a pretty reasonable price for such a delicious burger. If I attempted to make this burger from scratch, it would be pretty costly since there are several ingredients that I don’t have. And it would be a lot more work! Sometimes pre-made foods are really worth the convenience cost Smile


Hurry up and cook – I want to eat you!

033 (2)

Once it was done, I patted the burger down with a paper towel. It was looking pretty greasy.


Dinner for the cats?!

Yep, Charlie totally jumped on the counter and tried to eat the towel…


I toasted a Pepperidge Farm whole wheat hamburger bun in the oven while my burger was cooking. These buns are pretty good – definitely a lot fluffier than sandwich thins – but kind of small:

037 (2)

The burger pretty much exploded out of the bun. But, it was delicious, so I didn’t care!

I enjoyed it with a glass of Trader Joe’s Shiraz (forgot to take a picture!), and called it a meal. I was thinking about making a salad or some veggies on the side, but the burger was really filling so I’m glad I didn’t.

I’m off to pick out a recipe to try for breakfast tomorrow – it’s never too early to start planning breakfast!


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