Saving Money on Haircuts


Body Pump was a good one this morning….the biceps track was longer than last week’s and I thought my arms were going to fall off! Phew!

I whipped this protein shake up right away once I got home:

009 (6)

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • About 10 ice cubes
  • Scoop of cookies n’ cream protein powder (love this flavor!)

A little while later, I put together an easy & delicious lunch using leftovers from the fridge:

010 (8)

Wow the apple looks HUGE! Too bad it was only a small one Sad smile

  • Leftover harvest grains
  • Leftover Texas caviar/bean concoction
  • Baby carrots
  • Small gala apple, sliced

After lunch, I decided it was time to get my hair cut. It’s been over two months, and the split-ends have been taking over Disappointed smile

After a quick Google search, I found this coupon:

011 (7)

SCORE! A haircut for $7.99? Yes, please!

If you go to TGF Hair Salon’s facebook page, you can get this coupon too!

Although the price was definitely right, my hairdresser was, ummmmm, kind of obnoxious and kept telling me that my hair is horrible has a ton of split ends and looks like I flat iron it every day (which I don’t!) and therefore I need to buy their fancy conditioner and leave-in conditioner. Good grief! When she asked if I wanted my hair blow-dried, I quickly said no and got out of there as fast as possible!

I know a lot of people really enjoy going to the hair salon and chatting with their regular hairdresser…but I prefer to just go someplace cheap and get it over with!

My mom cut my hair until I got to middle school (or maybe even longer…I can’t remember!), and I can’t even imagine how much money that saved!

Let’s see…7 haircuts a year at $12 a haircut (low estimate – kid’s cuts are usually cheaper than adult’s). That would be about $84 a year. Times 2, since she cut my sister’s hair too. So, a savings of about $168 a year. Times 10 years of hair cutting at home. That’s WOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH about $1,680 saved. Yep. Definitely doing this when we have kids! And now that Bud has a military buzz cut (and can do that with his razor), he no longer will be going to the barbershop Smile

Off to do some cleaning, then dinner with the in-laws and watching Survivor (premiere night!!!) and the Big Brother finale!


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