Freebie Friday, Take 2!


Good Morning!

It’s Freebie Friday!


I’m not really feeling like getting something unhealthy today with a free coupon, so I’ll have to do some quick online menu research later to find out what I can get for dinner Smile 

I’ve noticed that when I have a really good workout (like Body Pump) in the morning, my body definitely craves healthy foods. Last Friday when I got a free pretzel, chili, and a truffle for lunch right after Body Pump, I felt kind of guilty about it afterwards.

I might just decide to get a free coffee this afternoon (lots of coupons for those!)…we’ll see!

Last Night’s Dinner:

014 (3)

A big leftover container of chili from Wednesday night’s dinner with my in-laws. I topped it with two packets of saltines from Wendy’s (they gave me way too many for my chili last Friday, so I saved the extras!). The crackers didn’t get soggy, because I decided to eat the chili cold. Good choice….it drives me crazy when the crackers turn  to mush and I can’t even taste them!

Last night on Glee, they sang Britney Spears songs the entire episode. It was SO. GOOD. Oh man. Charlie liked it too (he sat on the couch and watched with me!).


035 (2)

A tasty breakfast sandwich with a maple flavored veggie sausage patty,  1 egg & 1 egg white, ketchup, and a whole wheat extra fiber english muffin. Yummmm!


And some fresh strawberries!

I’m off to Body Pump….today I’m going to add on weight for the squat and back tracks-eeek!

Question of the Day:

It’s Friday….what are you going to do to make it a fun day?!


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