Bananas, Bananas, and More Bananas!

It’s Waffle Wednesday!

Before I get to my waffles…here’s what I cooked up yesterday Smile

001 (8)

Morning snack: Frozen banana delight! Are you surprised? (me neither Rolling on the floor laughing)

003 (6)

Lunch: Leftover chickpea delight in a Trader Joe’s pita pocket, with baby carrots on the side. Yum!

005 (11)

Afternoon snack: 1/4 cup dry roasted edamame. These are SO good!

009 (10)

Dinner: (woooo scary picture, sorry!) Breakfast for dinner! Four eggs (1 yolk, 3 whites), with two veggie sausage links chopped up and mixed in. Oh, and a slice of toasted Ezekiel sesame bread!

008 (9) 

Here’s a picture of the sausage links! They’re really good….I’m a fan Smile

After dinner, I went to Turbo Kick! The music was ridiculous last night…lots of stuff that reminded me of dance parties in college (Flo-Rida’s “apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur” song, the “shots” song)….oh man, it was a blast! And I’m pretty sure the instructor drank about 50 Red Bulls beforehand…he was jumping all over the place and going crazy! It definitely kept the energy level super high in that room!

015 (8)

I whipped up a quick protein shake when I got back:

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • About 10 ice cubes
  • Cookies n’ cream protein powder

Okay, I’m finally all caught up to today’s food! Phew!


Helloooooo, Waffle Wednesday!

I got a free box of Van’s flax waffles on Sunday (gotta love coupons!), and was excited to finally try them for breakfast today!

012 (8)

017 (6)

The box’s directions suggested to cook them on a wire rack in the oven – what a great idea! Usually, I put waffles directly on the tray and one side gets a lot toastier than the other….. not anymore!

On the waffles:

  • Homemade almond butter (waffle on the right)
  • Homemade cashew butter, mixed with a spoonful of pumpkin (waffle on the left)
  • Topped with sliced banana

*I toasted the waffles almost all of the way before adding the toppings, and heating everything together in the oven for a few minutes.

This was reaaaaally good! The waffles themselves were a hit – nice and fluffy, with a bit of a crunch on the outer part. I ended up sandwiching the two together and eating it with my hands, instead of a fork Smile with tongue out

Body Pump was great as usual this morning. I just love that class! There were several newbies there today…it’s hard to believe that I’ve only been going for about 2 weeks – I feel so much stronger already!


025 (2)

A boring bowl of leftovers Eye rolling smile

I think it’s about time to move the beans and harvest grains to the freezer….eating them almost every day is no. longer. fun. or. tasty.

Anywho, here’s what I put in the bowl:

  • Trader Joe’s harvest grains (1/2 cup)
  • Beans (kidney, black, and pinto)
  • Sunflower seeds

Although the above food was not the most exciting, this was:

026 (5)

Chocolate pumpkin pie protein smoothie!

I followed Julie’s recipe, except used chocolate protein powder and added 1/2 tbsp. cocoa powder. Delicious!

It brought my banana count for the day up to two….and I’m most likely definitely making a frozen banana delight this afternoon Open-mouthed smile

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Question of the Day:

How long do you eat leftovers for before you get tired of them?!


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