Halloween Cat Photo Shoot :)


Be prepared for some major cuteness ahead…

I finally found our box of fall/Halloween decorations (way up on the top shelf of my closet – I had to whack it with a roll of wrapping paper to get it down!). Inside were a whole bunch of things we got on super clearance at Target last year….and I just had to get some cat pictures Smile 

029 (3)

Charlie wearing a pumpkin headband. What a cutie!

*I’m pretty sure this headband is meant for small children. Hehehehe.

033 (3)

Charlie wearing a devil headband. Yep, I was bribing him with cat treats so I could get the pictures!

*Check out Artie’s face in the background…it looks like he has huge pink lips!


My favorite Smile 

charlie eye patch

Oh man….whenever we see an eye patch, jokes about Charlie are made. Poor cat.

charlie scary patch

I’m surprised he didn’t try to swat the patch off!

It’s too bad Artie didn’t let me put anything on him…he can be really cute if he tries Just kidding


Afternoon Snack:


Banana #3 of the day (but definitely the best one). Frozen banana delight! Delicious, as usual Smile


Before I enjoyed my banana delight, I did something that I’m really proud of.


I crushed my previous time…26 seconds faster! Thank you, Body Pump! My arms were shaking afterwards, but it was so worth it!


Have a great night….hope you enjoyed the cat pictures!


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