Fun at the Apple Farm!

Happy Monday!

Hopefully your week is going well so far….mine is off to a great start thanks to a really fun day with my aunt & uncle!

Last night I attempted to make Cooking Light’s Peanut Butter Banana Bread.

002 (16)

The recipe is for a loaf of bread (16 slices), but I made 18 muffins instead. Mom was having a few people over this morning, so I figured muffins would be more convenient for eating!

005 (16)

They looked and smelled sooooooooooo good, and the glaze was beautiful.

007 (17)

I waited until this morning to enjoy one with breakfast (along with pineapple, black cherry greek yogurt, and coconut mocha coffee).

009 (13)

The verdict: uhhhhhmmmmmm. Not my best baked good.

The glaze on top was really good, nice and peanut buttery….


The inside was really dry.

Probably because we were out of butter (should’ve checked before going to the store!), so I just put in extra yogurt. Oh well! They’re definitely still edible, and my dad likes them (or so he says…) – next time I might put a little bit of peanut butter on one to give it some extra moisture Smile


011 (15)

Toby wanted to eat a muffin!

013 (7)

And play with one! He’s such a funny cat!

015 (14)

My aunt & uncle took me out to the Circle Diner in Westport for lunch….they’re the best!

014 (7)

For me: a panini with grilled chicken, mozarella, and red bell peppers. Oh, and a mountain of sweet potato fries Open-mouthed smile

026 (8)

After lunch, Aunt Kelly & I went to Silverman’s Farm. This place was jam packed with families today, and I can definitely see why….they had a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, wagon ride, and country farm store. No apple picking though….it ended last weekend Sad smile 

023 (8)

We started out on the wagon ride, and learned a lot about the orchard. Their apple crop was seriously damaged this year, because CT had some really warm weather and then a frost.

033 (4)

It was a cloudy day, but the view from the wagon was still gorgeous.

030 (4)

Poor apples….

020 (9)

CT in the fall is definitely a must-see if you’ve never been!

035 (4)

They had some crazy looking pumpkins! The bottom one looks like it’s covered in peanuts!

036 (4)

Their store had a ton of homemade jams, jellies, butters, pies, donuts….

037 (5)

And apples, of course!

042 (2)

Red heart

045 (2)

On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks (pumpkin spice latte time!) and enjoyed an apple cider donut that we bought at the farm. Yum. I love apple cider donuts!


We had salmon and broccoli for dinner – one of my favorites!


Aunt Kelly got us this sampler box of Crumbs cupcakes – oh man, these cupcakes are SO good. She actually works in the same building at the cupcake shop in NYC – how convenient! I was too sugared out from all of our treats today, but claimed four cupcakes to enjoy this week. Hands off, Mom & Dad!

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite memory about apple picking?


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