A Quick Update!


I just got back from Turbo Kick and wanted to write quick post with some updates Smile

1. 9 more days!!!!!!!!

2. For the next few weeks, I probably won’t be writing every single day

008 (23)

I’ve got a TON of packing to do, and once that’s finished I’ll be in Illinois Red heart, and then on my way to Virginia!

010 (19) 

This is what that room looked like last week! YIKES!

My schedule for the next 9 days looks like this:

Morning: gym

Afternoon: pack

Evening: family time/tv

All of this packing can be pretty overwhelming, but I’m SO SO SO SO SO excited to see Bud soon and to start this next chapter of our lives together Smile

Oh, and I can make him plenty of this soon:

001 (18)

I have a feeling he’ll like my overnight apple cinnamon oats better than the food at boot camp!

And this!


Oh, frozen banana delight, I’ve missed you!

I haven’t been buying yogurt lately in my effort to clean out the fridge Sad smile


Question of the Day:

Is there a food you love but somehow forget to make it all of the time?!


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