I’ll Be Back!

Happy Halloween!

WOW it’s been about a week since I wrote last –  yikes!

Things have been preeeetty busy here with packing up the house. Oh, and on Sunday I dropped Charlie & Artie off with a friend who’s going to take of them while we’re in Virginia.

2012-10-28 11.38.25

Charlie was super easy to get in the carrier (he actually went in there on his own!) but Artie took over an hour. Ugh. He was NOT happy!

2012-10-27 08.51.26

I miss this big guy!

The house is so quiet without them! Now whenever I hear a creak or strange noise, it makes me jumpy (since I know it can’t be from the cats!).

The past few days, I haven’t been taking pictures of meals – they’ve been mostly a bunch of random things put together, since I’m using up leftover food from the freezer & pantry.

003 (21)

The fridge looks so lonely!

001 (20)

Check out my huge pile of dishes in the sink!

*I’m actually really excited to wash them all….but I ran out of dish soap Sad smile Today I’ll probably pick up a small bottle, and just bring it to Virginia. I wonder if they’ll start coming out with holiday scented dish soap?!

002 (23)

The past few days, I’ve been drinking a few more cups of coffee than usual….my sleep has started getting out of whack again (probably because I’m so EXCITED for Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The Keurig has become my new best friend! I’ve been using it to make tea too (since I already packed our electric kettle).

This will probably be my last post for a week or two – tomorrow I’m heading to Illinois, and Friday is Bud’s graduation from boot camp! Next week I’ll be driving to Virginia and then hopefully things will be back to (somewhat) normal Smile.

*If you get the chance, try the Roasted Turkey Harvest salad at Panera. It’s SO good!


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