About Me!

Growing up, I was a ridiculously picky eater. Plain pasta almost every night for dinner, no veggies except baby carrots, and 99% of the time we ate out I would order chicken nuggets. No wonder I’m only 4’11” 🙂 While at college, my taste buds definitely changed for the better, and I started trying (and liking!) more foods.

In middle school, we had to run laps around the gym to prepare for the timed mile run. This was when I fell in love with running, and I eventually joined cross country and track in high school. For me, running has never been about being the fastest one – it’s just plain fun! 

Other fitness-related activities I enjoy:

Workout videos (anything by Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, & Billy Blanks)

Walking outside (a great way to get exercise while chatting on the phone!)

Weight lifting (nothing too extreme, but I do use weights almost every day to tone/build muscle)


Elliptical (I prefer this to running at the gym, because it gives me a decent arm workout)


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