What A Day…

Today was a horrible, horrible day in Sandy Hook, CT. I still cannot believe that a shooting could ever happen in the elementary school that I went to as a child. It’s unreal. My heart is going out to those who have been affected by this tragedy…

It’s been difficult to get my mind off of the shooting today, so I’m hoping that writing here will help a little bit. Besides, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted and we have some catching up to do Smile

The Moving Truck Has Arrived!

Our stuff finally came on Tuesday, and boy oh boy do we have so much unpacking to do!

Exhibit A:

2012-12-11 12.39.12

This is my favorite of the Tuesday pictures….our kitchen is clearly a bit too small for all of our appliances, dishes, glasses, etc. etc…..

Exhibit B:

2012-12-12 13.49.40

Bad news: our bed rails didn’t make it here. Not sure how that could have happened (it’s not like they were in a small box!), but it’s a huge bummer. Oh well, we’re still grateful to be rid of the air mattress!

Exhibit C:

2012-12-12 13.52.09

The office. Not completely horrible, now that my printer’s hooked up! Hello, Internet coupons!

Exhibit D:

2012-12-12 13.53.50

The living room. Yep, it still looks like this after 3 days… at least our Christmas tree is nice to look at!

2012-12-12 13.56.45

Especially with this bad boy!

We got him on clearance at Target last year…I’d been eyeing him all of December but didn’t want to pay full price for a garden gnome ornament Smile with tongue out

Other exciting news:

Charlie & Artie have a new litterbox!

2012-12-13 07.07.59

I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back, and finally decided to make it when our things arrived on Tuesday and we had Christmas decorations inside this container! Score! So far, it’s been amazing…no more litter on the floor and the smell is a lot more contained too!

2012-12-13 15.14.00

Isn’t this shirt hilarious! Even funnier…Bud’s parents sent it to me! I’m still debating if I should wear it in public or not…Winking smile

Food pictures & more excitement coming atcha tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “What A Day…

  1. cleaneatingveggiegirl December 14, 2012 at 8:27 pm Reply

    Unpacking is the WORST! Good luck! 😉

    • funsizedfitness December 15, 2012 at 5:40 am Reply

      Hahaha I know! The only good part about it is finding things in boxes that I’ve really been missing over the past month!

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