A Fun Survey!

Happy Thursday Smile

I just came across this survey at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life and it looks like the perfect thing to do on a cold, rainy night…

This Or That?

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke, but I’ve kind of recently stopped drinking soda and don’t miss it at all!

Lemonade or fruit punch?

A cold glass of fruit punch (I used to LOVE the kind from Stew Leonards) is deeeelicious on a hot day!

Caramel apple or cotton candy?

Seriously? I’d pick a plain apple over cotton candy! Apples are one of my favorite foods!

Butterfinger or Snickers?

Snickers. They’re dangerously good. Especially those frozen ones with icecream inside Smile

Pudding or Jello?

I used to love Jello, but I was actually daydreaming about chocolate pudding the other day. Hehehe.

Turkey or chicken?

Turkey on a sandwich, but chicken anytime else. Well, except for on Thanksgiving!

2012-11-22 15.47.10

American or Provolone cheese?

Provolone…but I saw a commercial for Kraft’s American singles this morning and am considering buying some to make a mean grilled cheese sandwich!

Crackers or cookies?

Cookies! Is it Girl Scout cookie season yet?!

Pretzels or chips?

It depends…chips if there’s salsa/dip available, but pretzels for just plain snacking.

Mexican food or Japanese food?

Mexican, for sure. I love me a good taco salad!

2012-12-04 16.48.44

Chinese food or Italian food?

Hmmm, it’s a close call, but I’m going with Chinese. Those crispy noodles you get with takeout are SO good Rolling on the floor laughing

Ice cream or cookies?

Definitely ice cream. Yum.

Pasta or pizza?

Pizza!!!!!!! Especially when it has big air bubbles!

Soda or juice?

Eh, I’ve been loving water lately…

Chocolate bars or chocolate truffles?

This is a tricky one! If we’re talking Lindt, I’m definitely going with truffles. Other brands, it depends on the truffle flavor.

*If you sign up for Godiva’s free rewards program, you can get one free truffle a month at their stores! 

Apples or bananas?


013 (10)

Salad or soup?

I probably choose salad 80% of the time at restaurants, but if they have minestrone, tomato basil, or chicken tortilla soup I can be easily swayed!

Cauliflower or broccoli?

Broccoli all the way. I wish I liked cauliflower, but it’s just not my thing…

Onion rings or french fries?

French fries! Yup. No question.

Blizzard or McFlurry?

Ooohh that’s tricky. I’ve probably eaten more McFlurrys than Blizzards, but I do like the flavor options for Blizzards better. Although….the peppermint McFlurry that McDonald’s had this winter (not sure if it’s still there) is pretty darn delicious.

Fried or poached eggs?

Neither! I like my eggs scrambled and/or pretty crispy on the outside.

Crepes or pancakes?

Pancakes. Not sure if I’ve ever had a crepe!

Hash browns or roasted potatoes?

Hash browns taste better, but I feel better after eating roasted potatoes…so it’s a toss up!

Oatmeal or cereal?

I’m currently in a cereal phase, but usually I go for oatmeal!


Now for today’s eats:


002 (33)

A mug of blueberry greek yogurt, Kashi GoLean Mixed Berry Crisp (love this cereal!), and a spoonful of peanut butter. Yummmay!


004 (37)

I dug into these pita chips from Whole Foods after getting back from the gym (slow & easy hour on the elliptical). They’re really good, and were cheaper than the name brands. A win win!


005 (36)

A bowl of broccoli, chicken tender (leftover from yesterday), raisins, honey roasted almond slivers, and honey balsamic dressing. I also had a glass of skim milk and a granny smith apple – a great lunch!


007 (33)

Tonight was one of this nights when nothing in the kitchen looked good…so I decided on breakfast for dinner. Always a good choice! On the plate: a bagel thin with turkey sausage and three eggs (one whole, 2 whites). Enjoyed with a banana and piece of Dove dark chocolate.

Question of the Day:

Which do you prefer: Chocolate bars or chocolate truffles?


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